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Magna Intuitum Monthly vol 1 Julie Burgess Wells

Magna Intuitum Monthly vol 1

Julie Burgess Wells

Published September 28th 2012
Kindle Edition
162 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Making Sense of the Future. Magna Intuitum is a monthly magazine that provides information and forecasts, from the strategic political world level to the micro personal relationship level- and is written by a small select team of international authors and psychics. Magna Intuitum writes History BEFORE it happens- uniquely publishing the ‘news before it happens’. It is an independent and inclusive publication with no bias or political agenda- which empowers your life journey. Magna Intuitum Kindle forms a giant compendium of alternative information on subjects- from relationships to finances- life coaching to money markets- and publishes series/courses that can change your life for the better. Magna Intuitum shines insight into the darkest corner.Contents include: Future Predictions, Horoscopes, Notes on Life, Kinder’s Spirit, Cormack’s Capers, Crystals, Environments, Food and Nutrition, Healing, Love and Relationships, Parenting, Read-Enjoy-Visit, Series, Spiritual, and Therapies.Contributors include: Robert Wells, Julie Burgess Wells, Elizabeth Kinder, Barbara J. Cormack, Ashok Gollerkeri, PaTrisha Anne Todd, Dawn Campbell, Manuela Cardiga, Christine Snowdon, Steve Burgess, Jili Hamilton, Lismay Wells, Elaine Das Neves Silva, and Dorothy Logan.