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Galaxys Lovers Kelty Meadows

Galaxys Lovers

Kelty Meadows

Kindle Edition
174 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Kara Godar is a warrior for a deadly sport on Nerva.Kyle is a captain of a warship and heading right for Nerva to find his missing father.Kara knew theres something about Kyle and she wanted to know what it is. They werent suppose to meet. She wasnt suppose to know there was life outside of Nerva. She was trained to be a warrior and a warrior shell always be. Kara wasnt suppose to fall in love or itll mean her death. Fall in love she did with a man from a different world and she wanted it kept a secret.Kyle was on a mission to find his missing father and he did. On Nerva. He also found the love of his life on that planet. He also found something on Nerva that could end life as he knew it.Someone had a secret or two and she didnt want anyone to know it. Chandra hated Kara since the day she was born and had plans for her. Even if meant one of their deaths.